Pre-Existing Condition Insurance Plan
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Allotment By State
Potential Allotment of Program Funds*
State Funds
Alabama $69,000,000
Alaska $13,000,000
Arizona $129,000,000
Arkansas $46,000,000
California $761,000,000
(+) Increase
Colorado $90,000,000
Connecticut $50,000,000
Delaware $13,000,000
Dist of Columbia $9,000,000
Florida $351,000,000
Georgia $177,000,000
Hawaii $16,000,000
Idaho $24,000,000
Illinois $196,000,000
Indiana $93,000,000
Iowa $35,000,000
Kansas $36,000,000
Kentucky $63,000,000
Louisiana $71,000,000
Maine $17,000,000
Maryland $85,000,000
Massachusetts $77,000,000
Michigan $141,000,000
Minnesota $68,000,000
Mississippi $47,000,000
Missouri $81,000,000
Montana $16,000,000
Nebraska $23,000,000
Nevada $61,000,000
New Hampshire $20,000,000
(+) Increase
New Jersey $141,000,000
New Mexico $37,000,000
New York $297,000,000
North Carolina $145,000,000
North Dakota $8,000,000
Ohio $152,000,000
Oklahoma $60,000,000
Oregon $66,000,000
Pennsylvania $160,000,000
Rhode Island $13,000,000
South Carolina $74,000,000
South Dakota $11,000,000
Tennessee $97,000,000
Texas unavailable unavailable
Utah $40,000,000
Vermont $8,000,000
Virginia $113,000,000
Washington $102,000,000
West Virginia $27,000,000
Wisconsin $73,000,000
Wyoming $8,000,000
U.S. Total $5 Billion Dollars
* Preliminary: Final allotments may increase or decrease by +/- 1%.
Data sources: ACS State Population 2008; BLS Wage Data 2008.


PCIP Georgia
Nathan Deal is the governor of Georgia, known as the The Peach State. Georgia has a population of over 9 and a half million people with over 1.2 million persons being uninsured and approximately 4.5 million insured. These numbers represent that there are about 22% of Georgia residents without any insurance coverage.

What does this mean for Georgia residents?

Since the Affordable Care Act was passed the state has chosen to adopt the Federal PCIP plan shortened acronym meaning “Pre-existing Condition Insurance Plan”. If you are a GA. Resident and are looking for an affordable plan to cover your conditions then the plan is designed for you with an easier enrollment and application process.

These rates were made to represent pricing for individuals if they were healthy registering with a private carrier had they had the means to do so.

Georgia PCIP Rates

* The PCIP Insurance Plan for the Georgia is a solution rates below:


0 - 18 $167

19 - 34 $249

35 - 44 $299

45 - 54 $383

55 + $533
* 2011 monthly PCIP Premium rates for Georgia by the age of an enrollee, effective July 1, 2011.
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