Cigna Healthcare

Cigna Healthcare

Cigna Healthcare Insurance

This health care provider offers several medical insurance plans for small groups including cost effective indemnity plans, PPO plans, HMO plans with low or no-cost preventive care, and pharmacy plans.

Healthcare PPO and Healthcare PPO Plus

HealthCare PPO provides access to participating physicians with no referrals, coverage for services out of the network, and preventive care options.

HealthCare PPO Plus combines the freedom and open access of a PPO and the cost containment features of an HMO.

Healthcare HMO and Cigna Healthcare Network Plan

HealthCare HMO gives your employees the highest level of care management and cost control. In addition, a wide range of wellness programs is offered such as informative publications, low-cost or no-cost preventive care, and valuable discounts on health and fitness-related services.

HealthCare Network Plan is just like a traditional HMO where members choose a primary care physician to manage all of their care. Features include predictable out-of-pocket costs, virtually no paperwork, and coverage for emergency and urgent care, 24 hours a day, anywhere in the world.

Blue Cross

They offer several Medicare insurance policies including:

1. Medicare + Choice HMO Plan: Blue Cross Senior Secure


Monthly Premium $0-$30
Doctor office visits $5/$10 Primary Care; $10/$15 Specialist
Prescription Drugs (from approved list)= For each prescription or refill, $8 for generic drugs up to a 30-day supply; $20 for mail order generic drugs up to a 90-day supply

2. Senior SELECT/Senior SELECT Plus: Senior SELECT and Senior SELECT PLUS are Medicare supplements with additional insurance benefits for services received In Network.


$5 office visit co-payments at Participating Prudent Buyer Providers
Covers Medicare Part A and Part B deductibles when using Participating Prudent Buyer Providers and Medicare SELECT Hospitals
Senior SELECT PLUS includes prescription drug benefit when participating pharmacies are used


Senior Select $91
Senior Select Plus $105

Blue Cross offers a PPO policy.

PPO Plan


Seven plans with a wide range of co pays and deductibles to fit all health care and financial needs
Two Premier plans with no deductibles and enhanced out-of-network reimbursement
One Advantage plan with no deductible and graduated out-of-pocket maximum for in-network providers
Two co pay plans with the convenience of fixed office visit co pays Saver PPO and Basic PPO plans, which are the most affordable health care options
Preventive care benefits, including annual HealthyCheck wellness screenings
Availability of acupuncture and chiropractic benefits

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