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depends on the yield and achieved sales price. We also realize that it is just as important to understand how behavior and society affect health and can help fight disease. The study recommends that transaction costs especially administrative and fixed needs to be taken into account while examining the interest rates charged by microfinance institutions. The study recommends the provision of assured irrigational facilities on the one hand and the development of short duration, climatic responsive and cost-effective varieties of food crops on the other hand to cope with the adverse future impact of climate change in the agrarian sector. A Handbook for Social Science Field Research: Essays & Bibliographic Sources on Research Design and Methods provides both novice and experienced scholars with valuable insights to a select list of critical texts pertaining to a wide array of social science methods useful when doing fieldwork. Javascript must be enabled for the correct page display, Watch videos from a variety of sources bringing classroom topics to life, Explore hundreds of books and reference titles. �6xcHGBJ�Q,����=��0�*Ҙ���=%b_��û�Ґ3�7u �؃|(�V��32�\��K�FyR|��]&eRgEN�d��^��ljG�'"0����_����B�d,�_. of validity and reliability observations and its generalization. PDF | On Mar 25, 2019, Surender Mor published Social Science Research: An Introduction | Find, read and cite all the research you need on ResearchGate The study revealed that the mean technical efficiency of MFIs turned out to be 68 per cent and also reported wide variations in technical efficiency across sampled firms ranging from 39 per cent to 97 per cent. The present paper measured and analyzed the technical efficiency for a sample of 74 MFIs of India using the stochastic production frontier approach, which incorporates a model for technical inefficiency effects including administrative expenses, personnel expenses and fixed cost. which show our real thoughts and feelings at the moment. Geetu Gupta highlights the issues related to disaster management, The paper also analyzes the facts about disaster finance management which offers the economy. : SAGE Publications, Inc., 2006. 24 Nov. 2020, doi: 10.4135/9781412983211. However, a large chunk of countries still has to develop such culture or cultural practices for delivering even basic needs to their citizens. changes in social values on the crime against women in one of the dev. This has instead unleashed the potential causes of inequality inherent in the capitalist system and thereby aggravated inequality, most seriously concerning health. The study observes that education and pre-business training are important stepping stones to encourage female orientation towards entrepreneurship. The Annex I parties (EIT and Non-EIT) can reduce the emissions by 6 per cent, which is mainly due to the collapse of the former USSR economy, in 2003 as compared to the 1990 level. The final part of the book consists of articles related to. The paper by Shailja Beniwal on crime against women argues that w. the tendency of consumption of alcohol and culture of night out parties has increased. The EU cohesion policy has been instrumental in this divided development. development of a country in a vulnerable situation. Login or create a profile so that Culture impacts development and well-being. computer outputs - wrong interpretation of analytical results, inadequate training of enumerators or pilot studies are among areas of increasing concern in. See what's new with book lending at the Internet Archive. Social science refers to the science of people or collections of people, are traditionally classified into disciplines like psycholo. Rev. independent and impartial testing of theor. Bhagat Phool Singh Mahila Vishwavidyalaya, Housing Affordability of Slum Dwellers in Slum Resettlement Project-A Case Study of Bhasantek Rehabilitation Project, Dhaka, Bangladesh-Tamanna KABIR, Fostering the Culture of Learning and Experimentations: An Introduction, Gender and entrepreneurial activities: Microentrepreneurs in rural India, Fostering Well-being through Cultural Change: Lessons from Microfinance for Social Entrepreneurs, Do transaction costs affect technical efficiency? Combining information from both biomedical and behavioral and social sciences research will lead to the most effective interventions. Additional troubleshooting information here. education is being transformed by small actions in different parts of the world and one gets the, impression that teaching as usual may no longer be the norm (Mor &, use alternative absorbent fibers like bamboo. as water sustainability in the megacity of Delhi. Transport and urban planning measures have deepened a community severance between the socially included and the socially excluded by favouring the more profitable transport modes. The book's clear style makes it an excellent guide for master students and PhD students doing their first research exercises, while it is also useful for more experienced researchers who want to broaden their design repertoire and keep up to recent innovations in the field of research design. Additional troubleshooting information here. Social science research guide consisting of ontology, epistemology, and philosophical perspectives. %PDF-1.4 %���� A Handbook for Social Science Field Research provides both novice and experienced researcher with valuable insights into a key list of critical texts pertaining to a wide array of social science methods useful when doing fieldwork. How Better Research Design is taking the Con out of Econometrics. Access scientific knowledge from anywhere. science research will diminish and social sciences will be treated at par with the natural sciences. Research helps us to improve our knowledge and ability to handle situation. ���������#�s}������o�o�"q��t���3dq��t^&XЋB�c��/�_����?oןn�}��>����^���+��_�>��M�t{b��C{P���!��~�E��؅�]��_����c3N�QݬcϺ�� An important question is how to change the culture of a country. diffusion of the Hindu religious practices has been made possible by the trade links. A 523 error means that Cloudflare could not reach your host web server. on August 28, 2015, Rev. When read from left to right, elements take on a more multidimensional nature (e.g., epistemology: objectivism to subjectivism). The philosophy of the social sciences considers the underlying explanatory powers of the social (or human) sciences, such as history, economics, anthropology, politics, and sociology. Atkinson. not only of the social sciences as well as humanities, Emerging Research Trends in Social Sciences, the present global transformations in the light of the r, centers but also of a landscape where deep knowledge di, The demand for social scientists remain on the rise on the part of policy-makers, media and, and expertise of social sciences will be able to solve challenges like po. All content in this area was uploaded by Surender Mor on Apr 02, 2019. assessment of beekeeping enterprise revealed that beekeeping units w. was done to establish the returns from this enterprise. Therefore, the causes of inequality should be combated and that should be done in ways where the people affected by the causes are seen as potentials and where these potentials (in particular their experience and knowledge) are taken advantage of. Watch cutting-edge streaming video that supports teaching, learning and research at all levels.

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