alternative careers for vets

. The Animal Nursing Assistant Certificate course is relevant training for this career. Four things you need to know, My encounters with animals – especially funny ones – influence the stories I write, Making the move from clinical nursing to non-clinical leadership, Confused about your career? She has recently completed a master’s degree in creative writing, It has become increasingly important to promote yourself in the right way if you want to get the right job. This career can also include the day to day running of a vet practice, for example, answering phones, keeping records and assisting the veterinary staff. A veterinary nursing qualification can lead to many different job opportunities in animal welfare. The regulated Animal Nursing Assistant (ANA) qualification, along with functional skills level two in application of number and communication. .veterinary medicine is not for everyone. The Level 3 Diploma in Hydrotherapy for Small Animals is the accredited qualification necessary to work as an Animal Hydrotherapist. Read about 3 vets who have taken an alternative career after time in clinical practice and how their careers have progressed since From the army to equine practice. “I started to understand the vast array of ‘alternative’ career options that a vet degree can provide. Animal Jobs Direct was established in 2005, Animal Jobs Direct Education Centre offers various Ofqual Approved Qualifications and has been Approved and Accredited by National Awarding Bodies, © Copyright 2020   Animal Jobs Direct   -  Established 2005, Career Advice     Course Index     Animal Jobs     Volunteer Jobs     Recruit    Training     About Us     Refund Policy   Indemnity/Waiver  Terms & Conditions  Contact Us. Treatments are normally carried out for diagnosed conditions or injuries on dogs as referred by a veterinary surgeon, although hydrotherapy can also used as a fun form of exercise. Here is some background about me, I graduated from computer engineering back in 2004 and proceeded to work for 6 years in the field. Powered by Madgex Job Board Software, Cambridge graduate Naomi Roberts has spent seven years in different government roles and currently works within the Ministry of Defence. Building your own personal brand narrative can help you achieve this, Vet surgeons, vet nurses and hydrotherapists can make exceptionally good veterinary physiotherapists. The insights she gained have helped her work out what she wants next from her career, Emma Callaghan says that volunteering has brought variety, interest and opportunity to her life and has renewed her enthusiasm for veterinary work, Despite loving working as a vet technician, Sandra Kenny still had a niggling desire to become a vet. Find me on: LinkedIn. Homeopathy was first used in animals around 1810, and is now widely available as a treatment that involves no risk of toxic side-effects or stimulation of antibiotic resistance. After 10 years working with dogs and horses in the Army, Nicola Housby now works in equine practice Vets: Stay, Go or Diversify LIVE – reflections on an inspirational weekend . Veterinary Receptionist: Responsible for answering phones and dealing with visiting clients as well as ensuring good communication between the vet surgeon, vet nurse, clients and other veterinary practices or organisations. I went back to school 4 years ago to get my pre-req for vet med (btw, I live in Canada). A vet needs to be interested in animals and concerned for their welfare. States, South Africa, New Zealand, Australia, Europe & more! She is now in her final year at the Royal Veterinary College, Concern about the mental, physical and financial health of vets led Liz Barton to promote the wellbeing for vets, Vet Louise Radford is driven by variety, change and teamwork, and always enjoys travelling. 12 Alternative career paths you can pursue with a DVM degree. Hydrotherapists use hydrotherapy techniques to help animals make improvements from injury or chronic conditions. The adventures he wrote about in letters to friends and family while travelling abroad inspired him to write his first book, Vet nurse Daniel Hogan is hospital director of Southfields Veterinary Specialists in Essex and is leading its move to new premises, Nat Scroggie took part in a group career coaching programme after she began to question whether being a vet was still right for her. Learn more about 12 paths you could pursue. Relatively few are able or willing to commit to years of post-graduate training or take on tuition debt. Many Veterinary Physiotherapists are self employed and run their own businesses - working from home, from local surgeries or travelling to their client’s facilities. 1. The duties of a qualified Veterinary Nurse involve a considerable amount of responsibility. Veterinary Nurse: This popular veterinary career broadly involves the hands on nursing care for sick or injured animals, educating owners about pet health and welfare and the carrying out of medical treatments and minor procedures. Career prospects are good for skilled veterinary nurses. Consider your business plan now, How to become a vet working in teaching and academia, Leaving clinical practice for an alternative career, Vets: Stay, Go or Diversify LIVE – reflections on an inspirational weekend. Veterinary Career Care Assistant: Veterinary Assistants are employed by vet clinics and animal charities to assist with nursing ill and recovering animals, as well as promoting their health and welfare. Luckily, you have other options. Veterinary Osteopath: Veterinary osteopathy works on the same principles and theory as human osteopathy, but with specific manipulative procedures for animals. Think again, there are alternative veterinary careers writes Anna Christensen. We have listed several vet careers and these include the most obvious ones; Veterinary Surgeon and Veterinary Nurse, as well as Nursing Assistant, Veterinary Receptionist and Veterinary Care Assistant. While this is hardly an exhaustive list of the various veterinary careers, it can at least help you start to understand your options. As a qualified veterinary nurse, you could develop a veterinary career as a head nurse in general practice, in a specialised veterinary referral centre, in the equine world, as a veterinary practice manager, in an animal charity/welfare/hospital nursing environment, in academia as a lecturer or researcher, within the pharmaceutical and veterinary supplies industries. There is a strong demand for well-trained animal care professionals and opportunities are open to nurses in a variety of animal care jobs. Consider These Alternative Careers. ALTERNATIVE CAREER OPTIONS TO VETERINARY PRACTICE INTRODUCTION If you decide against continuing with veterinary studies, are disappointed in your ambition to get onto the Graduate BvetMed course, or after completing the BvetMed course want to consider other career options here are some possibilities to research.

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