ancient mesopotamia test 6th grade

A belief in one god called Ahura Mazda. Who took the throne by force when Cambyses died? The cultures of Mesopotamia did not value or create important art. Which of the five themes of geography does the sentence below BEST fit into? Where the world's first civilization formed called Sumer. artisan city-state cuneiform empire famine irrigation polytheism ritual silt social class tribute ziggurat They dug irrigation ditches and built levees. The code was designed to ensure everyone behaved appropriately in Babylon. Did each Sumerian City-state have its own government, laws, and God? Scrolls that documented Mesopotamian history were encased in ziggurats. They were eventually able to trade for valuable metals like silver with people in West Africa who did not know its importance to the more modern civilizations and traded it for things of little value to Phoenicians. When he had power and a great army, he attacked other Mesopotamian city-states and united Southern Mesopotamia. Exchange goods without involving money. Priests (This made them very powerful). True or False: The Persian Empire included people from many different cultures. The area did not have any agricultural pests. He spent a lot of money on large building projects in Babylon. Messengers on horseback brought messages from one station to the next. The Fertile Crescent got its name because of its _____ soil and _____ shape. It helped to unify it by making it easier for distant provinces to trade with each other. They learned ironworking from the Hittites, an invading people from Asia Minor. BRONZE - a mixture of copper and tin that was stronger than copper alone. 3: The Upper Class, Middle Class, Low Class, The Ruler, his top officials, priests, wealthy merchants, owners of large pieces of land. What technologies did Sumerians use to help with trade? The united southern Mesopotamian states ruled by Hammurabi. Priest, Upper Class, Lower Class, Slaves. In return, the priests would declare that the gods had chosen the King to rule. What kind of government did Phoenicia have? Besides the ruler, who had the highest position in the social structure? Before becoming a civilization, the people of Mesopotamia were farmers. Good Luck! It was the fastest communication system in the ancient world. You can change your answer if you want. Through present day Turkey. Also, trade brought people together. A mixture of copper and tin that produced a metal harder than copper. What did the Assyrians organize their government (or divide their empire up into) to try to govern it better? To help him maintain power and control and because he needed people he could trust in important positions. Did Cambyses II keep on fighting to expand Persia? Some maintained power after success on the battlefields. A darkened reed that they dipped into a mixture of charcoal and water. The order should be from those who have the most power in Mesopotamia to the least. To supply dry land with water by using ditches or canals. The idea that everyone will follow a law no matter who you are. Remember to read each answer choice before choosing your final answer. Study Set #12 - Applying Social Psychology: Law,…, Study Set #11 - Prosocial Behavior and Altruism, "Way of the Kami"; Japanese worship of nature spirits, A person who rules a country for someone who is unable to rule…, a group's knowledge, language, beliefs, customs, and religion, Objects that people in the past have made. True or False: ALL members of the society were expected to obey the laws no matter who they were. For webquest or practice, print a copy of this quiz at the Ancient Mesopotamia - Overview webquest print page. How did Darius change the Persian system of tribute? Good Luck! The highest social class in Sumer was the nobles. How did Sargon and Hammurabi keep control of large empires? They rotated farming with nomadic herding. An independent state that included a city and the area surrounding it. It is a cumulative test that is based on everything we have studied about this ancient civilization. What caused the City-State structure of Sumer to end? They were made of iron and were stronger than bronze. False. Sumerians made 3D sculptures that looked more like a real human as opposed to sculptures that were in relief (just raised up from a flat background), A carved stone slab or pillar that stands on one end (Ex. About this quiz: All the questions on this quiz are based on information that can be found on the page at Ancient Mesopotamia - Overview. Assyria had to fight against a steady stream of invaders. Why did Phoenicians become great navigators and sailors? A communication system. Did Cyrus allow the Jewish People who were conquered in the Assyrian Empire to return to Jerusalem and rebuild their temple? It is a cumulative test that is based on everything we have studied about this ancient civilization. King of Babylon who compiled the first collection of written l…. This was invented to keep track of business records _____ 2. What important building was in Nineveh and what did it contain? How were the tools and weapons used by Assyrians more advanced than those used by earlier people? True or False. He placed troops all over the empire. City-States were conquered and united under a single ruler and the First EMPIRE was formed called Akkadia. It is also here that writing and the wheel were first invented. What were the major crops in the Fertile Crescent? Fighting between the City-states that weakened them. Many Gods that acted like people and controlled everything who lived forever and had great power. Sometimes rulers would set an amount without considering how much the people could afford to pay and created hardships and bad feelings. How did Persian leaders treat conquered people? What advancement in weapons and tools did Sumerians make? Powerful and successful military leaders who were first chosen to lead battles and wars by the priests. Hammurabi's code established the rule of law which is the idea that all members of a society, even the rich and powerful, must obey the law. Sumerians were one of the first cultures to discover Bronze. (Different then Hammurabi who made the same laws for everyone). Displaying all worksheets related to - Mesopotamia 6th Grade. This mountain temple … What was the first thing that the Sumerians accomplished? The first known civilization started there. This system was based on the number 60; we still use parts of it today _____ 4. Wheels on Carts, Ropes along rivers to pull barges, Sails on boats. Mesopotamia Land Between Rivers Welcome to Mesopotamia, or, the "land between rivers." The rivers flooded and deposited rich soil. What was the organization of the Persian Government like under Darius the Great? Name at least two advances that helped Sumerian Civilization expand. _____ 1. The pillar showing Hammurabi and Shamash with the Hammurabi code beneath it). What was the largest Empire that the world had ever seen? The Euphrates river was located on the eastern side of Mesopotamia. Why was it important to Persia's growth? Kings needed the support of priests so they were careful to respect the priests rights and powers. As Sargon's troops moved through the fertile Crescent, the men shared their culture. True or False? How did Akkadian practices spread through the Mesopotamian region? Daily life, people and activities, gods, rulers, conquers. Preparation: Make or purchase clay tablets with pictograph writing on them. Which Babylonian Emperor created an important legal code? CITY-STATES. Describe what kind of ruler Hammurabi was. Some were elaborate cylinders showing whole scenes. A personal mark indicating ownership of something stamped into clay. They moved to fertile lands to farm and to escape danger when their lands were invaded in the 800s bc. Quiz *Theme/Title: Mesopotamia * … Means "The Land between Rivers" in Greek. Which of the five themes of geography does the sentence below BEST descibe?

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