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One republic : apologize. GB. Its dimensions are 25.4 x 21.5 x 27.7 inches and it weighs just under 25lbs when empty. Twelve is just about right. The large size will allow you to compost everything you've got--from garden trimmings to kitchen waste. It is constructed out of 90% recycled materials to take your eco-friendliness to the next level. Composting turns kitchen and yard waste into usable resources - for free. We may earn commission on some of the items you choose to buy. The composting process "happens" without human intervention because microbes and soil animals are on the job 24 hours a day, decomposing plant and animal remains. Jill Spencer (author) from United States on February 25, 2011: Awesome! For example, in Baltimore County, you cannot compost food wastes above the ground (except in worm bins). . Volume is usually inadequate for hot composting. Jill Spencer (author) from United States on July 23, 2012: @ etherealenigma -- Awesome! Reviewed by Jon Traunfeld, Director HGIC, Extension Specialist, Fruits and Vegetables.Rev. If you aren’t feeling the DIY bug, make a simple compost pile. Thanks again! Thanks for dropping by. It is sturdy, large and will definitely get the job done without you having to get your hands dirty or put any strain on your back. Perfect for the composter that wants to continue being eco-friendly but doesn’t have time to dedicate hours to composting. They are performing the initial breakdown of coarse materials - biting, chewing, decreasing the size of the materials, and thus increasing the surface area so that the microorganisms can do their work. I am just planning to put some fruit trees in my garden, but before I do - I am certainly going to dig a few holes. You could also plant allium bulbs and/or narcissus bulbs in the covered hole to repel them. This outdoor composting bin is incredibly low maintenance from setting it up to its actual use. There is a little more work involved in this system than there is with a tumbler but the compost and worms are a huge plus. Except for the bugs. It’s also great for gardeners with a pail full of kitchen waste on their hands and little time. Now all I have time for is to feed my worms some scraps and then dump the rest of my compos table scraps onto the compost pile and cover it will new weed growth in spring or dirt or leaves during other seasons. Being said from the spirit of God. Before starting to compost, be aware of local ordinances! Types of In-Ground Compost Holes. U.S. Environmental Protection Agency: Composting at Home, University of Kentucky Cooperative Extension: Constructing a Garbage Can Compost Bin. And you can be as involved (or not) as you want with your compost pile or bin. Tunnel reactor systems, which can recycle the airflow, typically operate at higher airflow rates … Why Should I Compost?How is Compost Made?Types of CompostingTypes of Composting BinsComposting TipsComparison of Composting MethodsWhen is Compost Ready to Use and How can I Use It in My Yard?How to Make Compost Tea, Cornstalks & corncobs Dry leaves*NewsprintPine needlesStraw & hay Sawdust Wood chips Shrub trimmings Shredded copier paper (Uncoated). Chopping the scraps with a shovel prior to covering will speed decomposition. The one-hole method is simple: dig a hole eight to 18-inches deep, dump in one to two quarts of composting material (about one or two inches), and fill the hole back up with soil. Jill Spencer (author) from United States on May 11, 2012: Hope you like it, angela_michelle. It is low in a wide range of nutrients and good for fertilizing seedlings and transplants. One compost bin may not be enough for your needs, so you should know how much debris you generate. This composter has a pretty innovative base that works as a tea collector. This composting bin made for backyards and gardens is advertised, even named, “The Most Beautiful Composter in the World.” It really is a great looking item and while it is discreet it still has a look to it that will definitely add to your garden or yard or side of your home, not take away from it. You can trench compost kitchen waste throughout the year although the process slows significantly November through March. For in-ground composting at its simplest, just toss a pail of kitchen scraps into a hole 12" deep. Then I push the dirt in and tamp it with the digger and finally cover it over. There is a V board integrated into this design which will help with the already minimal odor and will keep predators or other animals away from your compost tower. It should be about 3 feet wide and 3 feet high. No setup is necessary and it is recommended to turn 5-6 times every 2-3 days for best results. This is called trench composting. Find more Sunwood Life Bokashi Compost Kit information and reviews here. Plus, it’s not as difficult as you think, as there are lots of different ways to make it happen. Requires timing and patience. Boosts earthworm population. So here is the idea of creating this big size wooden compost bin with three sections of the compost storage and a metal roof on it for complete protection. Check out the three-part blog at "Real Food & Scandalous Gardening Secrets."

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