electric blanket control not working

October 24, 2013. to fold the blanket for means of return, then place into a strong plastic bag or two bin liners complete with the controls, please do not remove the plugs, include a letter with your name and address, if the blanket is under warranty you will need to also include a valid proof of purchase or a copy of. That model and make electric blanket that you have has a 'overheat' sensor inside the electric element so that it can not over heat if the thermostat fails. This is not the first time I've had this issue. I have determined that it is my blanket, which is under guarantee, is faulty.A. Is it the controller, or one of … read more If you know it’s the blanket itself that is faulty, do not return, as the blanket only cannot be repaired. Replacement electric blanket controllers available to buy online. If you fold the electric blanket in addition to the folding in the package, it may cause the electrical circuits that provide the thermal heat inside the electric blanket to malfunction. Is it the controller, or one of … read more This indicates that the switch is faulty, if under warranty see returns procedure if not please refer to Control Units sectionQ. The K/S blanket was purchased 11/26/2006 - I previously sent this blanket in to your Waynesboro, Ms., plant July 23, 2008, for another non-heating problem. The control unit appears to be working correctly, but the blanket is not heating up.A. Electric Blanket and Heated Mattress Pad Warranty Issues . Do you service other makes of blankets. The control unit appears to be working correctly, but the blanket is not heating up. Q. What to do? October 24, 2013. The Temperature Selector must always be turned down to a all night setting before getting into bed and the time out switch to 1hour or 9hours.After the period set of 1 hour or 9 hours the control will go to a blue light this will be shown by a continuous or flashing blue light. Benefit from the relaxing warmth of our electric blankets for cozy comfort during colder weather. CW10 0ZU.The address given in the instructions is above, however, due to recent increases in Postage charges you may wish to use another carrier other than the Post Office, in that case please send to. With this in mind, before use they should be fitted to the bed and covered as described above, otherwise they appear not to heat or achieve their correct temperature. My electric blanket has a control type, EC10,20,30,40,50,60,70. It will all depend on how old the blanket is and the condition of it. How much will it cost to use my blanket. Never use a hot water bottle at the same time as an electric blanket. I believe my electric blanket is within its guarantee period, but I have misplaced the receipt.A. My electric blanket was given as a present, it is within the guarantee period and I have not got the receipt.Q. My blanket is under warranty and on checking your Q & A guide I have determined that the control is faulty, do I also need to return the blanket. Can this be corrected? What to do? You may need to download version 2.0 now from the Chrome Web Store. It is o.k. Proudly created with Wix.com, If you have any enquiry's regarding service or repair, please email us on. We will only do this once we have inspected the blanket.Q. If you have any enquiry's regarding service or repair, please email us on service@dreamlandelectricblankets.co.uk or telephone on 01606 837751. If you have any doubts about the blankets safety once laundry has been carried out, please contact us. C90. ( type number can be found on markings at the back of the switch). Your IP: The overblanket goes on top of you with a sheet between you and the overblanket, it can be fitted into a Duvet cover or you can place a Duvet or blankets on top the overblanket.

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