fringe benefit group provider list

Regardless of size and resources, FCE provides flexibility through a wide variety of products and customized fringe benefit administration services. Provider Listing The following companies provide your voluntary insurance plans and services. You (or an associate) incur expenditure to a provider under an arm's length transaction but you do not provide the benefit. You can give your employees term life insurance with a death benefit up to $50,000 and the premiums you pay will be tax exempt. AbilityOne and prevailing wages in a vast array of industries and categories of services including but not limited to: FCE’s clients enjoy the assurance that the controls and safeguards we employ to protect and secure their sensitive data meet or exceed all industry Email: Are you a MDwise Marketplace Member? FCE specializes in the design, implementation, can ease the burden and free a company to focus on their core competencies. Attract and keep the best employees with Fringe Benefits. With 80+ services, provide the employee experience that builds loyalty, productivity, and well-being. 6. Group Term Life Insurance Coverage. Contact our team at The Contractors Plan Contact our team at The American Worker. For more than 30 years, Fringe Benefit Group has designed programs that simplify the benefits process for employers with hourly workers. username: password: Are you a MDwise Marketplace Member? Media: Lifestyle asset fringe benefits Link (Duration: 00:54). fringe rate obligation. Roughly, 30 years ago the company pioneered health care coverage for government workers under the Davis-Bacon Act. Company Story. CLAIMS LOGIN Log In to See Claims Detail. and administration of compliant cost-effective fringe benefit plans for government contractors. They are indicated by the words "No administrative fee." Fringe Benefits Group is a provider of healthcare insurance coverage, but not in the way we would normally expect. Providers; Contact Us; Home; Company Story + Executive Team; Strategic Partners; Captive; Unique Administration + TPA Services; Enrollment Services; Producers; SecureMail; Blog; Claims Login + Members; Providers; Contact Us. How an employer calculates and reports the taxable value of fringe benefits depends on the type of benefit provided – that is, how it's categorised for FBT purposes. Government contractors who have a regulatory obligation to provide fringe benefits to their employees often find themselves unnecessarily burdened with FCE provides flexibility through a wide variety of products and customized fringe benefit administration services. COVID-19 / Coronavirus Update. No more vendor management or complicated enrollments. FCE Proudly provides services for Government Contractors subject to the Service Contract Act (SCA), Davis Bacon Act, We can design a package of bona-fide health and welfare benefits which provides the best possible options for employees while staying within the total If you would like additional information on any of the services Fringe Benefit Services, Inc. offers, please do not hesitate to contact our office at 724-981-3300 or 1-800-732-9281. Log-in to myMDwise here. John Malnar joined Fringe Benefit Group in April 2017 as COO and CFO, having spent the past two decades working closely with financial services companies on all aspects of corporate and financial operations. We offer products from the nation's leading carriers, and we are known for our full-service suite of tools and services that greatly reduce the burden of plan enrollment and administration.

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