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You will clearly taste the absents of flavors that are only accomplished by caramelizing the meat and sautéing the onions and celery. granulated garlic or 1- 2 cloves, minced, 4   carrots, chunked into bite size pieces, 4   red potatoes, chunked into bite size pieces. Taste is exactly as I remember from when I was a kid at liholiho elementary. Trim fat from the chuck and cut into 1” cubes. Place the meat in the pot with the tomatoes. This is my first try and I am hoping for the best so that I may teach my kids and this can be a memory for them. Allowing each person the joy of being in the kitchen where they can find instant satisfaction at the end of each and every meal. Stir to combine. Caught digging in to a Saigon Vietnamese Sandwich. I wish I was grinding some fresh sushi in Japan :) Aloha, Susan. Add to the pot. Tip: You can also add a few baby onions to the casserole dish. Hawaiian Beef stew is like no other! Add any four that is left in the bowl from the meat, if any, to the onions and let cook for another couple of minutes. Made with big chunks of meat, carrots and tomatoes and slowly cooked in a thick, tomato based beef broth, this is going to become a family favorite meal in your home. One recipe will feed my family of 5 with about one portion leftover for the next day :). Add ½ the meat to the pan and spread out but don’t stir. Truly beef stew is a comfort food for me. Ingredients 1 kg Braising beef 3Carrots 100 g button mushrooms 1Onion 1Tomato 50 cl Red wine 20 g Butter 1Beef bouillon cube 1.5 tsp. Aunty Susan...All I can say is this beef stew is WINNAH! Thank you so much! Hi Susan may I ask a question. My main objective for cooking is to make it as fun and easy as possible so anyone can do it. Much Mahalos. Thanks so much for all the time and love you put into this website and your recipes!! Mahalo Susan,Hawaiian Style Beef stew is my favorite food..I havent had it in over 6 years since visiting home in Kailua Oahu. Would you like to be notified when new recipes are added to Susan Recipes? Mahalo. seasoned salt, 1          large                onion, diced small, 2          stalks               celery, diced small, 2          cloves              garlic, minced, 1          14oz. it was so ONO the kids ask if I went to the local restaurant and both it LOL Again THANK YOU, Aloha Vegas, you made my day! google_ad_host="pub-6693688277674466"; You have mastered Hawaiian Beef Stew, Congratulation! Wow! Cut the beef into pieces. WOW I'm a cook now (I only do the fry foods)!! Lock the lid on the Instant Pot, ensuring the vent is in its “sealing” position. And yes,sometimes I add a bay leaf because as you said; old habits die hard :) - but I didn't put it in the recipe because the stew recipe works with or without it.Aloha, Susan. Mahalo for sharing! You've made me feel pono here in Eugene. Then add the tomato sauce, water, salt, pepper, sugar and garlic. Let the sauce reduce for a feew minutes. What I like about it is that the recipe is just a guide. But switching up your side dishes can bring a refreshing change to a classic comfort food dish. google_ad_type="text_image"; Aloha Zach - nice add in's! Great stew. google_ad_client="pub-5210132806724389"; Add comma separated list of ingredients to exclude from recipe. Toss meat in the flour mixture and coat each piece well. Even some tomato paste …. Mahalo for sharing! Add potatoes and carrots and cook for another 15 minutes or until potatoes and carrots are cooked. Repeat until all the short ribs are browned. Remove browned meat with a tong or slotted spoon so the oil will stay in the pan. Only in Hawaii will you find stew that taste like this. google_color_text="333333"; Place the meat in the pot with the tomatoes. Soup Tomato concentrate 1 tsp. Sorrry Flykuni I have no advice about the instant pot. Spencer Ohana. google_ad_format="120x600_as"; oil. I'll be using elk to make the stew this weekend, and venison on another occasion. I'm going to be cooking this during the winter out in Seattle, when I get homesick! I am honored to be part of what will be your new family recipe! Cooking it rite now!! Maybe you can smash the tomatoes well or put them in a blender so they are more like tomato sauce. They have onions, peppers and seasonings that would be absent if left out. In the same pan saute the onions and celery until soft. How would this work in my Insta Pot? of oil from the pot and lower the heat leaving behind the browned bits that have settled to the bottom. Add the onions, mushrooms and carrots. This recipe is so amazing. My favorite school lunch. Place in a large mixing bowl and sprinkle with the seasoned salt and flour. Actually I do have a restaurant in Eugene, Oregon named Hodgepodge Hawaiian Grill. The only thing I did different was I just used a dutch oven. Mahalo Crested Butte, CO! Hi,Yes you could use 2 cans of tomato sauce instead. I d tried stew recipes with all kinds of different spices etc. A good beef stew needs some acid. well I found your recipe and said I can do this . you still live home or mainland? The browning of the meat is probably the most important step to making a tasty stew. Short ribs in my town run close to $5 per pound and considering the bone, that makes for a very expensive stew. Amount is based on available nutrient data. google_ad_width=120; Such simple ingredients transform into something so comforting and the best part is it comes together in just one pot. Always get when eating out, now I can make at home and enjoy anytime. Old habits die hard so I threw in 2 bay leaves as well. oil. Happy Halloween. Then add the tomato sauce, water, salt, pepper, sugar and garlic. Much mahalos from vegas! Beef Stew on a snowy day in Eugene is what we ate for dinner too.Aloha, Susan. Hawaiian Style Stew is completely different than mainland stew. Pour the maple syrup, mix. I just want to thank you. Hawaiian Beef Stew is one of those recipes that you grow up with in Hawaii. The hubby LOVES this stew and considers it the best. Peel the carrots and cut theem into rings. water, use the cans to measure, 4                                  carrots, chunked into bite size pieces, 4                                  red potatoes, chunked into bite size pieces. Information is not currently available for this nutrient. Mahalo Loraine, Enjoy and don't forget the rice :), ONO!! This stew is even more ono the next day. Thank you! Add the tomato sauce, tomatoes, water, sugar, salt, pepper and short ribs back to the pot. This portion would include the beef, potatoes, carrots and gravy. If so how much would I need? Slow cooked tender chunks of meat, in a beef and tomato flavored gravy with potatoes & carrots. I usually use chuck roast to make stew which is reasonably priced and readily available, but today when I was at the grocer I found a beautiful pack of meaty short ribs that were on sale. I got some fresh venison from Molokai and wanted to try it in a local style stew. But, if you don't have one (which I didn't until last year) the extra pan is a must.

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