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I just listened to Tim Sykes hawking his program, “Tim Sykes Weekend Profits”. I can definitely see what you mean. My strategy is more a passive swing trading strategy. Anyway, I purchased Tim’s MarketMastery program at like $370. This site uses functional cookies and external scripts to improve your experience. You could send me a link so that I can take a closer look. I like that you already have so much planned and are already educating yourself with multiple trading courses. Hi and thanks for the question. Thank you so much and appreciate your response! Otherwise, he wouldn’t be doing it. Nevertheless, I don’t think it’s possible to break down his most essential training points into a single 3-hour lesson. But as I said, you need to put a lot of work in to achieve similar results. Good read, tho. Sykes Review – Legit or Scam. Analysis etc. I have three kids and would like to know how much time per day would I expect to spend should I sign for Tim’s most basic plan ‘Tim’s Trade Alerts’. By doing this, you will be able to learn at your own pace. They paid me some money. Hi Louis, thanks for your response. In addition to the DVDs, I also think the video lessons are important. You are willing to invest in your education and future. In addition, TradeOptionsWithMe accepts no liability whatsoever for any direct or consequential loss arising from any use of this information. But for someone just starting out or someone in college, that’s quite steep. Work at home. Aside from the video lessons, Tim also has a big DVD library. What do you mean by below 1%? 3.8k Reviews. Nevertheless, he is a great trader/teacher. Well Luis I will be waiting yours comments about these :Congratulations and thanks again for sharing your knowledge. Hi Farina, Thank you for going through the list of DVDs that are good to view or that are a little on the older side. However, if you compare Tim’s products to similar products, the prices seem rather normal. But once again, thanks for your insights! But as I wasn’t home at the time, I just paid online when I came back. You can’t become successful without the correct training and education. What size are the trades he recommends, compared to the volume of the equity? Hi Mike, Just wondering how truthful your reviews after you took off my last posting together with my questions about your own success in Tim’s program?? I have been a member for a few months and I am enjoying the membership. Hi Peter, Hi, I really appreciate that you say he is a better teacher than trader. Maybe, some of the free trading education offered on TradeOptionsWithMe can help you out. Its worth for me. Let me know if you have any other questions or comments. I even wrote an entire article about this, here. Hi Clifford, I am willing to do all that I can to become successful & wealthy. I worked for Sykes almost two years prior to the merger. Instead focus on education and learning as much as possible. Trading is just like any other field, it takes time to become successful. Unfortunately, there is no such thing as a used DVD outlet for Tim’s DVD. I’ve an investor trader myself, American Tech stocks (which are having a right fit at the moment! How about compacting and shrinking his training into 2-3 hours maximum? Hi Arissa, Perfect job to work. How do you pay for your program? Thanks for sharing! I do not think it is worth it to quit your job and follow Tim’s teachings, or anyone’s teachings for that matter. January 6, 2018 January 28, 2019 Ann LeFlore. Unfortunately, I personally feel that many of his courses contain lots and lots of fluff. Thanks for the comment. I worked for Sykes almost two years prior to the merger. I will start by presenting his most ‘basic’ subscription services. I have a full time job and I can’t see how I can manage both my job and attending the courses. But not having that only deepens the skepticism. He truly loves what he is doing. This will replace the current featured review for targeted profile. Thanks for the swift response. Thanks for your thoughts. I’d say a good starting amount is about $2000. This website and content is for information purposes only since TradeOptionsWithMe is not registered as a securities broker-dealer nor an investment adviser. Tim’s strategy is a very short term active day trading strategy. And I still feel the same way. I hope this helps. I can’t really give you a time period as it depends on how much time you use for studying. For example, all money made from his DVD guide ‘How to Make millions’ goes to charity. You won’t regret it.! Hello Louis. This book is all about his trading and hedge fund manager career. Frankly, he is the most successful trading teacher out there. Maybe they’ll provide you with more information. I haven’t seen anybody honestly review it until now, thank you for that. Nevertheless, if you are willing to put in enough work, you will be rewarded. Check Out All The DVDs And Their Prices, HERE! It sounds like Tim Sykes is like that. Get Free Work from Home Job Alerts! Just like I mentioned above, the prices of the DVDs vary widely. Even though this still exists, it isn’t near as common anymore nowadays. Education is by far the most important factor when it comes to trading. To be honest, it looks very sketchy. then my question is: WHICH WOULD BE YOUR BEST ADVICE FOR ME : Just note that what you will learn from Tim’s education might differ from the knowledge you need to get a broker’s license. Make sure to let me know if you have any other questions or comments. It is useful to know this in advance. If you need to be off or call out the process is very easy and doesnt require any proof. This does not mean that you shouldn’t watch any other DVDs than these. His strategy does work and he is probably the most successful trading teacher in the world. I loved it very much. Tim’s most mentioned ‘must watch’ list is: PennyStocking, PennyStocking Part Deux, Pennystocking Framework and How To Make millions. My entire training class had our jobs threatened the first week out of training. He is all about education and I couldn’t agree more with that. For instance, TradeOptionsWithMe is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Amazon.com and its partner websites. I have everything i need to start, except the “small” account. It is far to pricey for my budget. This is helpful. Have been looking for a legit online class that teaches how to trade shares for a long time,  here you come. I am not sure if this program is actually made by Tim Sykes. Week? Have you had any feeback on this Program ?? How To Make Millions is an entirely different story. Finally, this led to the creation of Tim’s websites, educational DVDs, subscriptions… Nowadays Tim tries to teach the strategy that led him to all his success to others. Alternatively, you could sign up to Pennystocking silver which is a much cheaper plan that gives you access to his video lesson library, chat room and more. If you like what you see and still are motivated: 2. please advise if those video lessons are essential in the beginning. Past performance is not necessarily indicative of future returns. This doesn’t mean that they are impossible to achieve. Thanks for the comment. But this does not mean that they are easy to achieve. The book covers everything from stock market basics to all of Tim’s trading setups, and how to trade them. Tim does not try to aim for home runs or ‘pick the next Microsoft’. Every other profession requires a lot of work, studying and often even a lot of money. Also if your'e hired directly through Alpine they require you to pay for your background check and the pay is now $9.00 not $9.50 with Sykes. Hi Lana, ", "I've never been more disrespected on a daily basis". Can you please give an example? I will heed your advice and steer clear of this offer. They usually have a good structure and give you general guidelines (as well as some examples). Here’s what I learned after over 70 hrs of education: Tim Sykes is a no-nonsense judgemental skeptical trader who doesn’t take risk or crap from anyone. Thanks a lot for your comment. Learning to trade takes time and dedication. But i am realizing that , according your comments (as usual) you have to invest a lot of time in knowledge i you have to get succes.

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