how to cook microwave food without a microwave

I came to to this hostel in Delhi where i do not have a microwave and really needed to know how to reheat foods! ————————————————— I do not miss it one bit, not even a little tiny..ok, there is only one thing I miss it for and that is heating my coffee up, but now I just drink it faster so it doesn’t get cold. Wrap the burrito in foil and place on a baking sheet. Again, I love my toaster oven, but I imagine trying to eat healthy on a time crunch would be quite difficult without a microwave. used as a substitute for professional medical advice, Resist the urge to crank the heat up too high, or you'll run the risk of overcooking your already-cooked food. When it dies, it won’t get replaced. What a great post. Hey, I had a question. Dinner Tonight: Quick and Healthy Menus in 45 Minutes (or Less). if I hadn’t found this, I would be calling my mom this weekend! the food doesn’t stick to the foil. What brands/types of dishes are safe to use in the toaster oven? Jude – Do you mean when pouring? I would reheat it above a water bath or in the oven or in a toaster oven. But then, I’m not sure what type of heater that is. Use a heavy pan on very low heat (a diffuser is good for this) you should be able to pour the Crispix into the pan you make the caramel in – maybe use a bigger pan – and add it slowly so you can stir it to get it coated. Thanks for sharing these ideas on reheating foods without using a microwave. I also cook my steam fresh fish and chicken this way. Sure there are plenty of times I fall victim to laziness and find myself eating cold Pad Thai straight out of the Tupperware container in front of my fridge, but for the most part, I make a concerted effort to enjoy my leftovers in a civilized fashion (i.e. ), I am not to replace the microwave. I also have a small toaster oven, maybe I should get that down for some things. & Wardee can you tell me the brand/type of food jar you use? To stop using a thing merely that a single source —amongst many— is abusive, is an abuse in, and of itself. Or, even worse, you’ll end up with some bites that are scorching hot and others that are barely warmed through. It’s nice to know that people are getting educated about the negative effects of microwave. Some foods are better reheated in cast iron, and I definitely use that for reheating certain meals, but the convection oven works great for other things. It just requires due care in handling. Instead of popping chocolate chips into the microwave to melt—where they’d almost always seize up on me—I would just melt them over a double boiler so I could see them reaching the right consistency. So, don’t be afraid to browse that frozen aisle with confidence next time even though you don’t own a microwave. Your food will take on the flavour of soap when it’s cooked in cast iron if you wash your cast iron with soap. Uncle Ben's instant rice instructions direct you to heat the bag for 90 seconds before consuming. I didn’t read all the comments, so don’t know if anyone mentioned it, but a steamer works wonders. I would ~very strongly~ advise that you never use so-called ‘non-stick’ cookware. With cast iron, in particular, I scrape, rinse and dry. Depending on what your cooking, a non-stick skillet will be your best option if you’re running slightly behind, but have time to keep an eye on your skillet. But there has to be more than one way you can cook a frozen breakfast burrito or entrée meal without a microwave. But if you’re not concerned, then it’s just another choice. This is especially good for soups and casseroles, anything with a certain amount of moisture in it. You should always monitor your skillet to make sure that it is not too hot otherwise, it will quickly burn your food. Just as I do with asparagus, pot of boiling water with my stainless steamer on top and pop a lid on it, only takes a few mins and for the most part keeps it shape . I’m in the midst of writing “That Blog-Post” if you know what I mean . Teflon and Your Health If you’re like most people, you have an oven built in to your kitchen. I kind of wish I could post a “picture comment…” Our spacesaver microwave doubles as a cabinet for my cast iron–I NEVER use it (yes, it works) as a microwave, but I have a dutch oven and seven (different sizes) fry pans in there! The problem that comes with heating everything at once is that each ingredient heats very differently. I am trying to limit the use of the microwave for reheating foods. The only downside —if there is to be one— is that the heating surface is made of glass. In addition I’ve never liked the taste of food reheated or cooked in the microwave. And while the kitchen was updated (and thankfully comes with a dishwasher), there was one major appliance missing: a microwave. We’ve been microwave free for about a year and I love it. We had a toaster oven that broke, which I miss greatly. When I baked, I was totally loving the extra square feet on my counter for prep work. So don’t fret if you purchased food that doesn’t have alternative heating instructions on it, you should be able to heat it up with one of these 3 ways to heat a frozen meal without a microwave. So what’s up with the microwave being unhealthy and “Chemical Changing” happening to the food in a microwave? PFCs are also used to make stain resistant fabrics, certain packaging materials, and non-stick products. NonGMO popcorn can be found in supermarkets. LIVESTRONG is a registered trademark of the LIVESTRONG Foundation. I ask “do you want it faster or tastier? This has worked so well for us that we grill extra burgers or pork chops when grilling, freeze, then pull out just the number needed and heat uncovered in the steamer. Both are highly nutritious, and are the very best to use for high temperature cooking. may earn compensation through affiliate links in this story. When it comes to casseroles, roasts, lasagnas, or cheesy baked pasta dishes, most other kitchen appliances (including the microwave) fall short in terms of uniform heating. The extra dish is the only con I’ve found in my relatively short time of not reheating in my microwave. Took 5 minutes, and hardly any clearing up. Often I will use one pot and reheat a meal whose components are combined as one skillet dish. The number of pots can be lessened by planning. The microwave is only usefull to me for defrosting frozen meat, but planning easily remedies taht problem. A few days after ditching the microwave, I faced my first hurdle as my husband grabbed a few cartons of Chinese leftovers out of the fridge. Once it’s heated thoroughly it will have a nice crispy outside with a soft, warm inside. Before we got our mircowave, I would dish up my husbands plate, while we were eating and cover it with plastic wrap and put it in the fridge. Is it safe to heat soup in a closed-can that is in a low boiling pot of water? Thanks! Most frozen meals cooked on a skillet will require monitoring and a little bit of testing to really get it right if the packaging doesn’t mention a way to cook the meal with a skillet. In my opinion that is way better than a microwave. Thank you for the many tips for doing without when reheating various foods and drinks. I reheat pizza in two ways. Credit: My husband thinks I am a little militant about this, I see it as reclaiming my life. If I am at someone's house, or if I read a recipe calling for the microwave's use, or if I receive a question (as I did yesterday) about how to reheat something without a microwave, that will cause me to remember the microwave's existence. I know my post is way outdated, but I have used my old crockpot (the old one because it doesn’t get SO hot) to reheat herbal pillows. No special instructions — just heat for five to 15 minutes, usually around 350-400 degrees F. 2. I put whatever food I’m reheating into heavy duty foil (which I wash and reuse a several times), and fold the sides over, then, in a pot I add an inch of water or sometimes my strainer so the foil doesn’t sit in the water.

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