how to make generator with magnet

My email is [email protected]. Graphene Charges Atmosphere with Battery Running on Thin Air, Free Heating – Two Effective DIY Projects, General Electric Magnetic Refrigerator 20% More Efficient, Make Free Electricity by Pouring Water from a Can,,, so,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, How to Build a Free Energy Magnetic Motor, A REAL and WORKING Magnetic Motor Spinning Indefinitely, Hydroelectric Generator: How to Build a Small One, Solar Panel System: How to Build a Cheap One, Do Electric Cars Have Gears? So what I have been trying to do is to use a circular, non-stop motion to accomplish the attraction/repulsion… whadda ya think? These setups promise to be cheap, and they are. Basically, a magnet generator is powered by magnets. he will also build into it the Dan winter kind of conjugation. I watched Troy Reed’s working model than saw it debunked. They are two separate inertial frames of reference and separating them answers most questions in physics and adding the asymmetry value shows this. If it is as is seen, and not a major scam (which it doesn’t appear to be) there is definite proof that it can be done on a temporary basis anyway. If it doesn’t happen in the next 20 years you give me $100. “Forget the laws of physics for a minute – ask yourself this – how can a device spin a rotor that has a balanced number of attracting and repelling forces on it?” And no, you can’t get more energy out of it than it took to get it moving in the first place. [email protected] i have what you seek.! This website uses cookies. So I was going to order a magnetic motor, but nobody sell them, you can only buy plans, and build it yourself. If so i do not know how to do it and will that take care of the heat problem? One more comment. But NO ONE has EVER made a working prototype of a magnetic motor. (you pull earth, earth pulls you – with the exact same amount of force)). Jason, Your time would likely best be spent seeking a refund from whatever school you went to. Always. Patent rights must be done away from USA and EUROPE patent offices to keep away from “strange hands” and later donate to mankind, so the invention will belong to all our civilization. It was just to make the point that it never existed. Yes, we often use a prime mover of a traditional form such as steam from fossil fuels or nuclear fission or a prime mover such as wind or water flow but why not use a more efficient means. Reconditioning magnets? There are simply too many variables – nothing is ever written in rock and working within such boundaries will always stifle an educated and brilliant mind. 20 years ago we had 30 mpg cars that were common. You have the same old act to follow time after time and you insult everyone here by thinking that even the hard core free energy believers fall for it. Use the right materials! Hi Geoff A magnetic motor is not a perpetual motion machine because it would have to get energy from somewhere and it certainly doesn’t come from the magnetisation process. Obstruction? I dont have any accurate plans but i have researched this inside out and i am putting together the best of a coupla designs i have seen. I think it’s one of the few times I intervened in this discussion, but I have to say the video you showed us here today is quite convincing. Now starting to show, trying to introduce self reliant heating systems . Magnets are cheap on eBay and you use an old CD drive for the rotor. 6 Do not lay all your technolgy on the table Everything is free. An anecdote about Tesla supposedly driving a “free energy” powered vehicle. He can’t even keep track of his own lies. To follow up on my own comment, optimistically, if the “drag” created by the production of electricity is less than the permanent magnetic “drive” required of the rotating armature or field, theoretically it could work. I’ll get back to you on that one! The patent office does not require, nor conduct any testing of inventions. Use a ruler to measure along the length of the … Power companies will make more profit, and maybe keep prices steadier, but their COSTS will rise every year due to inflation, and it will not drop much due to this anyway. About 500mm across. Models that rattle, shake and spark that someone hopes to improve with a higher resolution 3D printer when they need to worry abouttolerances of 1 to 2 ten thousandths of an inch to get it run as smoothly shows they don’t understand a motor. One that is actually trying to be marketed now is the “Lutec Ltd.” device from Australia. They know how easy it was to get a Patent? Eat your heart out ! Dear Magnetic Motor beleivers, i recently came across your info re magnetic motors.I have have been working on this idea for many years and have only just finished the drawings which i have sent to the patent office. “Magnets 4 Energy™ and the FREE Bonuses - I have a series of articles that touches on the subject: “Free Energy and the Open Source Energy Movement”. The other option is to use a clamp type mount with a hole in to go on the pivot shaft. device and it is not. I grant you that, on earth, man-made. I dont know how Tom Bearden’s device will work, but if it will work I hope he will be manufacture it, and sell it in stores. As I quoted before: “What’s in a name? You believers never seem to deliver anything. I have made several and they didn’t work. /watch?v=POJQKg9CRJc&feature=player_embedded#t=366s Also waiting on an email back from inventor to confirm a few things. A magnetic power generator is different from many other engine powered generators in the market. I’m not making any claims that I have invented a device that defies all the known applicable laws of physics. Bayerstr. In an experiment of my own I constructed a simple magnet motor using the basic idea as shown above. There mass and vis are created and destroyed at the same time. Gilgamesh, That reminds me – Rob – wernt you looking for a good cheap PMA? You want people to continue to use your product, so any competition must be stopped at all costs.

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