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Please check your inbox to confirm your subscription. © 2020 Vincci Tsui, RD . I listen to podcasts and spend hundreds of dollars on new clothes because every 2-3 months I size up. Hoping I’ll get the hang of either acceptance or ie soon! Almost there! The more I dieted the more weight I gained. Relatively new to IE- I had gone to an IE dietician a year and a half ago and quit after a few months. Thanks so much for your comment! The #1 fear holding most people back from starting intuitive eating is weight gain. It would help, but I know it’s impossible. (I know “cope” can imply that weight gain is considered a negative thing, which it shouldn’t be. Gaining weight is very normal for anyone who begins practising intuitive eating after a period of restrictive eating (whether through dieting or restrictive eating disorders). By focusing on health, I’m referring to metrics such as blood pressure, blood glucose, blood cholesterol, sleep quality, immune system and last but certainly not least, mental well-being. Tagged: Body Acceptance, Ditch The Diet, Ditch The Scale, health at every size, Intuitive eating, Set-Point Weight. Sending so much compassion your way, Kristen. It makes you want to go back to dieting RIGHT AWAY. ), When you practice self-acceptance, compassion, or love, see if you notice whether anything changes in your body. Your set point weight may be higher than you’d like it to be (remember that this ideal is often shaped by diet culture) and years upon years of the dieting/binge/repeat cycle can push your natural set point up further. Weight Gain in Intuitive Eating: 4 Strategies to Cope 1. Please ignore the size labels, these have frequently been proven to be inaccurate and incomparable between different stores, styles and fabrics anyway! What’s significant about breakfast is not that it’s the most important meal … Intuitive eating is essentially a free-for-all when it comes to food. I would recommend the book Nourish by Heidi Schauster as a place to start. I started because diets stopped working. Please try again. Snag your FREE Ultimate 5 Step Guide To Food Freedom! If I could find it. Disordered Eating. It feels like your body is betraying you. When we look at our past through rose-coloured lenses, often we miss what our current body and lifestyle have given us. I agree with the comment about language. Sometimes the lack of language us beginners understand actually makes it seem like IE is so esoteric that it’s not for real people struggling in the real world. All of that said, do you have any favorite resources on what gentle nutrition really looks like in contrast to a diet culture concept of nutrition? The number on the scale is not a reflection of your ability to eat intuitively. Intuitive Eating is a self-care eating framework, which integrates instinct, emotion, and rational thought and was created by two dietitians, Evelyn Tribole and Elyse Resch in 1995. We can often tell when we’re gaining weight when our clothes start to feel tighter, although please know that bloating in response to regular eating after long periods of restriction is very common! Consider it a way to be inclusive. Hope that makes sense ??? I’m struggling with this right now, I would say I currently have a healthy relationship to food and I would never plan on restricting again, but it’s still hard. At point I’ve gained weight to before going to intuitive eating I loved my body and accepting this new weight, even though certain dieticians of the past have been weary because it’s on the upper end of the “healthy” BMI scale. Site by Glass Cliff Divas Inc. I know I just quoted her last week, but Australian dietitian and researcher Fiona Willer has a saying: “Weight loss is not a time machine.”. Also practising forms of self-care, such as engaging in hobbies, spending time alone, spending time with loved ones, meditation, journaling, early nights, time outdoors, reduced screen time etc. I’ve just started intuitive eating and I’ve already gone up 1-2 dress sizes. This is one of the most common conversations that I have with clients – whether they’re new to intuitive eating, or not. Do you notice any changes in your thoughts or emotions in any way? Why or why not? I think loving our present body is important, and also loving our bodies as ever-evolving entities. Thanks for your comment, Jenni, and sending so much compassion your way. Eat when hungry, stop when satiation starts kicking in. In person, not FB. Here are a few of my favourite Facebook groups—if there are communities that you’re a part of that you would like to share (especially if they’re not on Facebook,) please share in the comments below! [Ed note: Edited to remove potentially triggering content]. Getting rid of tight clothing often signals the beginning of the end, of trying to be a certain size or weight and is, therefore, a fantastic sign of recovery! Simply knowing that your experience is not unique is a self-compassion practice called “common humanity.” (TW: Not on the linked page specifically, but there is fatphobic language on some parts of the Self-Compassion website) In some cases, self-compassion is enough to soothe discomfort. I’ve gone up 5 sizes in two years. Sign up now to get the latest on intuitive eating, mindful eating, and Health At Every Size® delivered right to your inbox. One of my clients has a list of “benefits of not dieting” that she keeps on her phone, so she can easily review and add to it whenever she needs. Not of others, but harshly of myself (I grew up with intense shame and cooking being so controlled as a child it was borderline abuse). It feels wrong say, It's Election Day today in the US. (Because there’s nothing saying that there isn’t room for both.). Thank you for addressing these concerns we have because many HAES dieticians are so wary of posting things that even say weight that it’s hard to find resources. Thanks for your comment, Emily, and I’m so sorry to hear about your painful experience. If this is one of your barriers to learning more about intuitive eating or healing your relationship with food, you are not alone. So I have anxiety that if I say something I’ll be judged no matter what I do and won’t get the support I need. How does it feel to send your attention and breath to them? It doesn’t seem like a lot on an already larger body, but I’m blowing through my clothes at an impossible rate. What have you gained through your intuitive eating practice? There is a small but growing community of HAES practitioners in Toronto—for dietitians I would recommend Julie Seale, Josée Sovinsky, Elke Sengmueller, Etienne Nemanishen, Lori Short-Zamudio, Anna Skomorovskaia, Alida Iacobellis, and Bracha Kopstick, just to name a few. What we can say from research into this area, is that for the majority of people, you will at some point reach a weight that your body consistently stays at and maintains this weight without any intervention on your part. - Stop the Food Fight, Start Making Food Peace, 7 Steps to Start Healing Your Relationship with Food & Your Body, Give Yourself Space to Heal Your Relationship with Food & Your Body, Learn how to use mindfulness to cultivate peace, presence and awareness with this *FREE* 7-day, Aside from the course content, you will also receive regular email updates on mindful eating and intuitive eating. Inspiration is always women much larger or much smaller. I’m apparently “rushing to my death“ with no way to stop it and instead of compassion, I am chastised or judged for a “lack of control”. Are my expectations realistic? What about all the promises of losing weight when you start to eat intuitively? Tara Brach, author of Radical Acceptance (Amazon Associates link) defines the concept as, “clearly recognizing what we are feeling in the present moment and regarding that experience with compassion.” In her book, The Body Is Not an Apology (Amazon Associates link) author Sonya Renee Taylor goes a step further, encouraging “radical self-love,” which she describes as, “a port far beyond the isle of self-acceptance” and “a safe harbor for self-esteem and self-confidence…[when they’re not] relying on willpower and ego to drive them.”, Of course, when you’re drowning in discomfort, distress, frustration, or even hate, self-acceptance, let alone self-love, can seem impossible.

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