most affectionate cat breeds

A random mutation happened naturally as the breed emerged—cats developed a gene that caused their ears to fold forward. The Russian Blue’s plush silvery blue coat and piercing greens eyes are positively gorgeous. All cats can be affectionate now and then, but most felines are also thought to be highly independent! Such a unique combination of characteristics led to their affectionate nickname "the gentle giant". These cats are also loyal, loving, and outgoing. Rover has you covered! Devons are interested in everything and everyone is their sphere, and they’re happy to be your sidekick all day, every day. And though it seems to emit a “look but don’t touch” vibe, Keiger says not to let its aloofness toward strangers fool you. Some people say that owning a Sphynx is like owning a living, breathing hot water bottle. So yeah, they’re definitely one of the most affectionate cat breeds around! Woman's Day participates in various affiliate marketing programs, which means we may get paid commissions on editorially chosen products purchased through our links to retailer sites. Burmese Cat Originally from Thailand, Burmese cats are widely thought to be THE most affectionate cat breed. Physical Characteristics: Medium to large size body; muscular and heavy; typically hairless with varying skin colors; large ears; round, wide-set eyes. The Aby possesses an elegant, long, lean muscular physique and an arched neck that emits a supermodel vibe. If they follow you around the house, sleep at the foot of your bed, or simply enjoy spending time in the same room with you, your cat is demonstrating affection. If you’re looking for a family-oriented feline who loves to cuddle in your lap but isn’t always in your face, the American Shorthair may be for you. Tipping the scales at almost 20 lbs., the Maine Coon is said to be one of the heaviest cat breeds out there. Despite their leopard-like appearance, Ocicats are one of the most affectionate breeds. They are happy lounging on the couch and getting pets from their humans. Devons aren’t the only friendly breed on the block. The Ragdoll is considered to be a native kitty to the United States. “Aby’s” aren’t necessarily lap cats, but they love to play and hang out with their humans. Unfortunately, there might come a day when something just seems off about your feline. Their affectionate personalities didn’t hurt either. Ragamuffin is a variant of the Ragdoll cat established as a separate breed in 1994. Thought to be one of the oldest cat breeds in existence, Abyssinians are smart, curious, and athletic. © 2020. They like companions to play with and love on, no matter their breed. They are affectionate towards people of all ages and they love being involved in all family happenings, whether that means lounging on the couch or sitting at the table for dinner. Ragdoll Cat. Cats are known for being independent, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t loving and affectionate.Some breeds are even known for their desire to be with their humans, follow them around, and snuggle up in their laps for some cuddles. On the other hand, if you put these pet combos together, you’re asking for trouble. Choupette, who was owned by Karl Lagerfeld and acted as the late designer’s muse for a line of feline-inspired accessories. This short-haired, medium-sized cat gets along well with everyone and loves to follow you around, so if you're looking for a little shadow, this is the breed for you. They’re just as eager to play games with you as they are to be your permanent body hugger. The Persian’s exceptionally beautiful and graceful coat, chubby cheeks, expressive eyes and affectionate personality makes them one of the world’s most popular feline breeds of all time. It’s a big question, and plenty of arguments can be made for both. Later on, they’ll curl up with you and tell you all about the day.” Just don’t leave them alone too long or they could get into mischief. They seek and enjoy the companionship of humans and as well as other cats. Luckily, the Birman is totally up for that and will beckon you to the sofa for snuggle time. Learn to spot the subtle signs your cat is depressed. The Siamese cat has enjoyed this luxurious and royal status for centuries. “Tonk” people say their kitties can cause trouble when they get bored, so they do well in pairs, or with another animal companion in the home. This breed is still relatively rare in North America, but it has a dedicated following. But their ears aren’t the only unique thing about them. Devons aren’t the only friendly breed on the block. Sphynx cats are the utmost affectionate cats who love entertaining their families and treasure meeting new humans. You couldn’t find a better furry friend to add to your family. “Our Southeast Asian ‘slinky cats’ (including Orientals, Balinese, Javenese, and Colorpoint Shorthair breeds) love to be with each other and with their owners,” says Keiger. Discover what dog and cat years really mean. Rumour has it that Choupette had two personal assistants to tend to her every need. 12 Most Affectionate Cat Breeds Really, we like to cuddle. Elisabeth Geier is a writer, teacher, and animal advocate with extensive animal handling experience and a soft spot for bully breeds and big orange tabbies.

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