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The goal is to understand the demented individual’s functional abilities and impact of environment on performance and behavior. This course examines how nursing influences the health and healing capacities of individuals and families experiencing severe psychiatric distress. Quality improvement, comparative effectiveness analyses, information science, and electronic health systems technology demonstrate the capacity for measurement and surveillance of nursing-sensitive and other outcomes used to evaluate quality nursing care and test interventions. PBIS Rewards easily tracks incentives for students in PBIS schools. This mentored residency can be fulfilled by one of the following options: This two-part course provides the didactic and clinical experiences in increasingly complex nursing care situations and environments which facilitate the students’ transition to independent practice. Economics, case management and cultural/ethical aspects of care are discussed. In so far as possible, teams will be interdisciplinary. By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail. This course is directed at the need to increase nursing majors knowledge and clinical expertice in the care of persons with HIV/AIDS. The interrelationships between basic physiology, clinical pathophysiology, and genetics are emphasized through lecture and case studies. It provides a global perspective, and uses the United Nations’ Pillars of Safe Motherhood and World Health Organization’s Millennium Development Goals as the vehicles to enable students to understand the interrelationships among issues of health and health promotion; social, economic, political and environmental contexts; and the care of women across the lifespan. Integrated into each topic are the correlated physical assessment parameters and related procedural skills. It emphasizes the integration of knowledge from other disciplines and of nursing science as the basis for practice. Observational clinical experiences and selected case studies will enhance students’ understanding of patients’ and families’ cancer experience. The initiation of health promotion and health maintenance activities with individuals, groups and families is stressed. Sector requirements and free electives may be taken in any order and at any time during the undergraduate experience. Interdisciplinary collaborative experiences will be essential to the clinical practicum. Students are encouraged to select courses that complement and enhance their program focus. As presented there is a continual compare and contrast to other dominant theories of human functioning. Download the Penn Foster Study Plan App to assist you with planning your exam schedule and keep you on track with your learning progress. This course is designed to facilitate students’ intellectual curiosity and independence in exploring the research process relevant to an area of interest. An understanding of statistical techniques will be integrated into the course and build on the required undergraduate statistics course. Exception: If AP credit is awarded, the student may only need three additional language courses or free electives. Within each system, deviations from normal are considered to situate the student’s understanding of health problems and to foster an appreciation for the complexity of the human organism. Due to scheduling of clinical courses in the third and fourth years, students are advised to complete the language requirement by the end of their fourth semester. Incoming first-year students who fulfill all four levels of the language requirement through successful completion of one of the above-mentioned tests must take either four additional language courses or four free electives (necessary to reach the 40.5 course units required for graduation). Students who place out of part of one language and who do not wish to continue study in that language may begin a new language but must take all four levels/semesters. Students interested in pursuing the ME_BS degree while completing med school requirements, please see the guide here. Students select from a variety of settings in which to refine their practice skills. Download the Penn Foster Study Plan App to assist you with planning your exam schedule and keep you on track with your learning progress. This course also allows students to develop the capacity for clinical expertise, leadership, and for translating the science of the profession into practice. Philadelphia, PA 19104-4217, Telephone: (215) 898-8281 This course presents Bowen Family Systems Theory as it applies to families over the life and organizations over time. Personal self-awareness, debriefing, and stress management techniques exemplify techniques to prevent untoward consequences in providers. This course emphasizes not only how nursing is practiced, but also where it is practiced. Students interested in non-credit and continuing education may visit this webpage. Penn Nursing. Each team of two to three will be assigned a family unit for study. The residency offers students opportunities to experience at any level systematic methods for research, or service-based clinical inquiry or quality improvement. To achieve this goal students are responsible for developing and maintaining academic plans, which chart their progress from orientation until graduation. Students will have an opportunity to implement the role of the nurse practitioner in the clinical setting. Opportunity to implement the role of nurse practitioner with children and their families in the community occurs under the guidance of faculty and experienced preceptors. The course builds on the pharmacology knowledge base acquired in the baccalaureate nursing program.

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