sunken living room transition

Does your home have a breathtaking outside view? Simple sunken corner living room design with floor seating. None of the trim in the adjacent hallway or in the sunken living room has been installed yet. Sunken Living Room Transition. Requiring a recession in the floor, sunken living rooms and conversation pits (a lowered section of a room, with seating) are best-suited to homes with concrete slab or crawl space foundations. During construction, the builder alters the foundation to form a recessed shape in the concrete slab to serve as the basis for the sunken … Flowers in vase naturally adorn the room. None of the trim in the adjacent hallway or in the sunken living room has been installed yet. Here is another fine design in light neutrals with a color pop in blue and coral. This transitional living space features a sunken living room area complete with comfy seating, an in-wall fireplace and a flat-screen TV. Here is a fun laid-back design in light pastels and bright color accents. If it was done because, perhaps, your house is situated on a slope and your house steps down with the grade, then at least put a contrasting floor material at the step, so people don’t go flying. Jul 14, 2013 - Hello I'm trying to come up with a way to trim my step down in a sunken living room. I've just placed it. Wooden floor counteracts the gray sofas and stainless-steel wall. Because the recessed area of the floor would reduce headroom in a basement, rendering it useless for general living purposes, sunken spaces are rarely found in homes with basements. That way, you can witness the changing seasons. If yes, you must install sliding double-glazed floor to ceiling windows. If your sunken living room was done just for aesthetics, then maybe it’s time to change it.

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