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(We didn’t as we stocked up on snacks in Italy). I felt we could have hopped from one bar to the next, drinking beer, having fondue and just relax for a bit. Instead of packing our bags again, we decided to stay near Lucerne and take one of Switzerland’s scenic train journeys as a day trip. When you have less time, you really need to cut out some train journeys in Switzerland. How you get from A to B is going to be a major consideration in your trip planning. Yes, it was nice to rest a bit but as we’re not posh, we don’t ski and it was September, I felt quite bored in St. Moritz. It even rained a bit in the afternoon. How should you travel around? I didn’t really plan our trip from Basel to Lucerne as we just took a regular train. You are welcome to contact us by e-mail or by phone on +41 43 210 55 00. We left early in the morning, when the mountain dew was still visible, leaving a hazy blanket over the lakes and green hills we passed. Pros and Cons to take the Glacier Express vs local regional trains. Subscribe to be the first to know about our latest deals and get travel inspiration. Finding affordable places to stay was also mission impossible and making the mandatory train reservations was nerve-racking. If your arrival into Switzerland is by air, you’re most likely to fly into one of the two major international airports at Zurich and Geneva. You can also read our accommodation guides for specific Swiss destinations: When planning your Switzerland itinerary, it’s worth considering purchasing a regional transport and sightseeing pass. In our case, we arrived in Basel at 4 pm and had enough time to rest a bit, do a walking tour of the city, try our first cheese fondue of the trip and sleep in a bit. It was my boyfriend’s birthday so we enjoyed the day in the sun and indulged in a gigantic ice cream sundae. Or even via an agency or tour operator to help you along. Rates vary depending on the type of establishment (and the season of travel, in some cases) but generally range from CHF 2.50 to CHF 3.50 per person per night. Having your own car allows you to stop where you like, when you like and get off the beaten track and into smaller villages that are off the tourist trail. We had the whole train compartment to ourselves and enjoyed one of the most impressive views of Switzerland as we passed the Landwasser Viaduct. You don’t need a reservation to take the Pre Alpine Express and no extra fees apply except for a valid train ticket. Zurich 2 nights + Lucerne 2 nights + Interlaken 3 nights + Montreux 1 night + Zermatt 1 night + Lugano 2 nights + St. Moritz 2 nights. I’m calling them hills as they were definitely not mountains, but I’d rather not climb them as they looked pretty steep. Read more: Pros and Cons to take the Glacier Express vs local regional trains. In case you’re wondering if you should take the Glacier Express all the way to Zermatt, then I’d recommend you do. I recommend you purchase your insurance as soon as you’ve booked your flights so that should the unexpected happen and you need to change or cancel your flights, you are covered. Planning a Trip to Switzerland?Need help planning your dream trip to Switzerland? Built in the 14th century, it's known as the oldest wooden bridge in Europe. To give you an idea of accommodation costs, you should allow the following amounts: (The above prices are approximate and will vary based on location, date of travel, etc.). An open-jaw fare – where you fly into one city and return home from a different one – might work best for you, so keep that in mind, too. A train that brings you to a cheese factory and a chocolate factory. Subscribe to the newsletter and have a chance of winning 2x Eurail Passes for future travels! We first took the boat across Lake Lucerne to see all the little villages and enjoyed the sunshine on our faces. With one evening to spare, we continued to Zürich and explored the city for some dinner. The University of Bern is minutes away from the main train station. The water of all lakes is clean and begs for water related activities in the summer. Planning a trip to Switzerland can be overwhelming, though. We stayed at the Rheinfelderhof in Klein Basel. It will also guide you through the steps I follow when planning and booking my trips to Switzerland. Regardless of whether you prefer to have your entire route planned in advance or are more of a ‘go-where-the-wind-takes-you’ style of traveller, a self-drive holiday in Switzerland offers so many advantages. Instead, we took the bus! Next up: Staying Home. If you do plan to travel by train, it’s definitely worth considering purchasing a Swiss Travel Pass as this covers all public transport within Switzerland, free entry to over 500 museums, and 50% off most cable cars and funiculars. We traveled over 1.500 km (945 miles) by train and almost all of it in Switzerland, without backtracking a lot. It was spectacular.

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