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**AGAIN- Not recommending fighting the system on this – just informing people of their rights. Oh and by the way , it’s no longer a tax right off … so there are certain loop holes around what your saying .. let’s make a deal:), Mail (will not be published) (required), Designed by Elegant Themes | Powered by WordPress. I’d have to get another job if I had to pay out 10% to my agent and 10% to my manager not to mention what I get taxed. In that case, you have a very clear agenda to minimize the amount of money that you pay talent, and that makes me suspect your reason for posting and further dispute your conclusions. Just going off of what you mentioned about work there being fairly sparse- it’s unlikely that your agent can do too much more than you can regarding submitting (and I would never have said that before, say, 2015). Unlikely the agents are seeing much beyond that- especially if you have backstage subscriptions. Check out more from Secret Agent Man! Let’s start with the obvious: you pay your agent 10% commission on your day or hourly rate of pay. **Also in response to an earlier question about nonunion payment having no legislation as opposed to sag/aftra – worth looking into the California labor law. I love so much of what David has to say on so many questions here, but sometimes my ethics differ slightly and (from reading his replies to people) he seems to understand that’s not a huge deal so I’m going to risk disagreeing with him here…. I have a similar question to Tracy. David, My question is, if I get an American agent(with prior consent)and I book work with him/her, is it ethical for my Canadian agent to charge me commission on top of me paying my U.S. agent for the same work? It’s time for this parasitic system to change. This time I went to the internet and found you. Best Sorry just wanted people to have answers I didn’t already see listed- NOW ON TO MY QUESTION! Just one question. I’m not sure why this keeps coming up. Commission Decision C(2013) 9049 - policies for the engagement and use of temporary agents. I feel like I would be rewarding bad representation. That fee is to cover the commission. because then the artist will conceivably be paying commission to the former manager and the new one they find. And although I’m anything but a socialist, I’m interested in making sure that their motivations for being in the business are being met. **HOWEVER, for those that still hate it- and I hear you- I know people who have created their own ‘Corporations’ (usually out of state) and become licensed and now are actually their own management. Most agents obtain a bachelor's degree and have one to five years of experience. When I was a real estate agent and my boss sold a house we didn’t get part of his commission. Thank you for a very clear answer regarding agents, but what about managers? This is completely normal and standard. The agency makes sure the terms of the contract with an employer/producer (or "deal memo") are met, calculates their fee and then pays the client: Clients must get their wages within five business days of the agency receiving payment. Debit cards (such as Interac or Visa Debit) cannot be used to pay the application fee. If you’d like an exhaustive rundown of the intricacies of how residuals are (and aren’t) commissionable, there’s an ActingAnswers.com article on it here. However, if I don’t, he might hold it against me and purposely not submit me going forward. I just got this role for a non-union short film and wanted to know if my commercial agent is involved in any of the contracts…? This kind of relationship is no different than the pimp/prostitute relationship. Is this true? Guys like me get 10 percent, and you should understand how this process works before you start working with an agent. You would be surprised by how many errors mainstream production companies make. Does the producer have to pay? Does the producer have to pay? Since I became a SAG/AFTRA “must-join” (about 8 months ago), I have almost only been seen for non-union commercials through my exclusive-only talent agency. A check authorization is a moment of trust, and it sounds like you don’t trust him/her. Call, chat with a rep, get answers to FAQs or send us an email. If the work was for a theatrically released SAG film, and the work was in Los Angeles, Chicago, Detroit, Atlanta, Washington D.C. or Hawaii, commission is payable only if your employment contract provides for overscale residual payment. Sometimes, it’s up to the production company of the TV show, film or commercial you were in to write that check. To think that this is somehow fraudulent or selfish on the part of the agent is, in my mind, actually selfish of the actor. Thank you for your response…. The key is that representation are due commissions forever only on work you acquired while represented by them. HI CAN A TALENT MANAGER TAKE 155 COMMISSION ON WORK HE GOT FOR HIS ACTOR? google_ad_client = "pub-8027251195859154";/* AA 468x60, created 4/21/10 */google_ad_slot = "2788777190";google_ad_width = 468;google_ad_height = 60; I want to thank you on all this great information you provide this business. If a complaint is received about your agency, someone will contact you to get more information and try to resolve the complaint. to use online photo services such as The Casting Workbook or The Link). Thanks for your comment but, aside from speculating about the actor’s motives, it didn’t really answer my questions: Given the circumstances as stated, No one should continue to get money or make up any kind of unreasonable percentages to take just for submitting you to a job. It’s a first time scenario, it’s a new business relationship, and it’s a great time to set a precident of integrity. If you’re a SAG member based in Los Angeles, Chicago, Detroit, Atlanta, Washington D.C. or Hawaii, and you’re only getting scale, the producer has to pay your agent his/her 10% in addition to you getting your scale. Why do you think this is unfair? Approximately How Much Money Do Starting Models and Actors Make? The form should be signed by the director(s), officer(s), and owner(s) of the agency. You must be in Australia – that’s the only place an agent would mention MEAA. Does he have to pay commission to the agent even though he has no contract with them? If you worked for scale and you paid your agent commission out of your pocket, than you pay no commission on foreign residuals. All you have to do is tell the production company you want the money to go directly to you. “We get paid by him whether we get him work or not so let’s focus on other clients and just take all the free money off the jobs he’s getting himself.” I feel the motivation comes from “We only get paid on the jobs we secure so we need to secure more jobs for him so we can get paid.” Anyway I’m not sure if that clears up what I’m asking and you may still feel the same way even so I’m just curious if so why? And recently I booked a gig with my husband (who’s not an actor). It’s just easier if the money comes to us. | Acting Answers. If the client works overtime, payment must equal at least minimum wage, plus overtime pay and vacation pay after the agency fee is deducted. And during shoot, the production says they are behind so they need to book me in additional day. Frankly, I don’t think twice about it. Acting or featured extra rates are generally much higher but they didn’t say how much. google_ad_slot = "2788777190"; The talent does not do all the work, but is part of a team. Attend an education seminar to find out about the responsibilities of talent agencies under the Employment Standards Act. It’s tax deductible, and it’s more incentive for your agent to work hard for you. My suggestion is to think, “That’s great that my agent is getting more money.” Period. Is it before or after taxes? My plan is to constantly expand the site to include all centers of production around the world – hopefully, readers in the UK and Ireland will offer assistance as to BAFTA and other resident union policies. Then cut my agent a check for their commission? So I moved from Hollywood to (ugh!) Is this fair and legal? I certainly wouldn’t want you to be negotiating for yourself – I’d want you to be represented by the best agent possible. How Much Money Does a Photography Producer Make? And I don’t have the attitude that they haven’t done any of the work. Hello David, Here’s what you don’t pay your agent a commission on: Finally, if you get to be a rockstar, and have a special contract that’s way overscale and is approved by the Guild or the Federation, you may have different circumstances (almost always in your favor). It is print, so the rules are not governed by SAG-AFTRA, but I LOVE when I have this issue come up, and LOVE paying my agent a commission. I live in a market where we pay agents 20% for non union work. 2. So I landed a leading role on a TV show (crime re-enactment so the role only lasted one episode.) My question is in regards to previous contracts still being fulfilled. I’m not sure what prompted such a visceral, sour reaction to this – maybe a bad relationship with a bad agent? Residuals are paid to you, and commission is paid to your agent.

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